Practice Schedule for the Week of August 21-25 & Parent Meeting Information

All Practices are mandatory. If you do do not think you can make it to a practice please let coach Drake know ASAP.

Monday 8/21 Practice  @ La Costa 3:00PM

Please do not arrive before 2:30

We will be having a quick informational meeting for parents following the practice on the driving range at La Costa. All parents are asked to come to this meeting to get information on the upcoming season, meet the coach, meet the parent liaison, and discuss fundraising. We should begin about 5:30.


Tuesday 8/22 Practice @ Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club 3:00PM

Please do not arrive before 2:30

We DO NOT have range access at this course so if you wish to warm up you must do so before arriving


Thursday 8/24 Practice @ Fairbanks Ranch CC 3:00PM

Please do not arrive before 2:30

We DO NOT have range access at this course so if you wish to warm up you must do so before arriving

2017 Updated Tryout Information

Monday August 14

Range Tryout 2:30-5:00

Del Mar Golf Center ( 15555 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar, 92014)

Look for a white TPHS Golf Bag on the range.

Please be warmed up and ready to hit a variety of clubs and shots


Tuesday August 15

On Course Tryout 3:00-5:30

La Costa Resort (2100 Costa Del Mar Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92009)

Please meet Coach Drake on the guest driving range between 2:30-2:45

Your parents may watch you tee off on the first hole and putt out on #9 but are otherwise not permitted on the course during tryouts, practices, or matches

Course Dress Code:

Acceptable for Women:
Dresses, skirts, slacks, golf shorts up to four inches above the knee and shirts with collars, collared shirts without sleeves, blouses with sleeves which are without collars are considered appropriate attire.

Not Acceptable for Women:
Halter tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, bathing suits, sweat pants, denim, tennis dresses or athletic shorts are not permitted.


These are the only rounds we have scheduled for this week.

If you have any questions please contact Coach Drake at or (858) 345-0824


2017 Schedule

TPHS Girls Golf 2017 Schedule

Date Time Location Opponent
8/14 2:30 Del Mar Golf Center Tryout
8/15 3:00 La Costa Tryout
8/21 3:00 La Costa Practice
8/22 3:00 Rancho Santa Fe GC Practice
8/24 3:00 Fairbanks Ranch CC Practice
8/28 3:00 La Costa Practice
8/29 3:36 The Crossings Sage Creek (League)
8/30 4:00 La Costa Coronado
9/5 3:00 Rancho Santa Fe GC Practice
9/6 3:00 Coronado Muni GC Coronado
9/7 3:00 Stone Ridge Poway
9/8 TBD Barona El Capitan Tournament
9/11 3:00 La Costa LCC (League)
9/14 3:00 The Crossings Carlsbad (League)
9/18 3:00 La Costa Sage Creek (League)
9/19 3:00 Encinitas Ranch SDA (League)
9/21 3:00 Fairbanks Ranch CC CCA (League)
9/26 3:00 La Costa SDA (League)
9/27 4:08 La Costa La Jolla
10/2 7:00 Walnut Tournament
10/3 3:00 Rancho Santa FE GC Carlsbad (League)
10/4 4:08 La Costa Poway
10/10 3:00 La Costa LCC (League)
10/11 3:00 Carmel Mountain Ranch CCA (League)
10/17 12:30 St Marks CC NCC Tournament
10/18 12:45 Twin Oaks GC NCC Tournament
10/23   Play-in Week  
10/31 8:00 Admiral Baker South CIF Tournament
11/2 8:00 Admiral Baker South CIF Tournament
11/10 8:00 Southern California Regionals Arrowhead GC
11/15 8:00 CIF State Championships Poppy Hills GC


Head Coach- Chris Drake (

Athletic Director- Charlene Falcis- Stevens

Principal- Rob Coppo






Ver. 1.0 (8/10)

Updated Cleared List (as of 8/8/17)

If you are uncleared please contact TP Athletics ASAP to be able to tryout on 8/14

Caldwell Rachel 9     Uncleared
Fleming Libby 9 Cleared
Fogliatti Kimberly 10 Cleared
Gandhi Rhea 10 Cleared
Ho Vanessa 9 Cleared
Huh Yuree 11 Cleared
Lee Song 11 Cleared
Peterson Lili 9     Uncleared
Schaffer Olivia 11 Cleared
Walling Katie 9 Cleared
Xu Lynne 9 Cleared
Yang Yaming 10 Cleared

Cleared List for Girls Golf Tryouts

Girls Golf Cleared List as of 7/24/17

If your status is “uncleared” please contact TP Athletics ASAP.

Golf, Girls – 2017-18 Clearance
Last Name First Name Grade Status
Huh Yuree 11 Cleared
caldwell rachel 9 Uncleared
Peterson Lili 9 Uncleared
Ho Vanessa 9 Uncleared
Schaffer Olivia 11 Cleared
Walling Katie 9 Cleared
Xu Lynne 9 Cleared
Yang Yaming 10 Uncleared
Lee Song 11 Uncleared
Gandhi Rhea 10 Uncleared
Fleming Libby 9 Uncleared

2017 Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2017 TPHS Girls Golf Season will be held August 14-17.

Tryout Dates and Times

Range Tryout:

Monday, August 14 2:30PM-5:00PM Del Mar Golf Center (

Only golfers who were not part of the program during the 2016 season are required to attend the range tryout.

Golfers will be assigned a specific time to arrive at the driving range.  See the team blog@ for your specific time slot.

On-Course Tryouts:

Weather permitting each player who makes it to the on-course tryout  should get 27-holes

Tuesday, February 15  3:00PM Course TBA (9-Holes)

Wednesday, February 16 3:00PM Course  TBA (9-Holes)

If Necessary Thursday, February 17 3:00PM Course  TBA (9-Holes)

For all Tryouts:

-Please be respectful of our courses.

-DO Dive slowly and safely on and near club grounds.

-DO NOT go into the Clubhouse or Pro Shop

-Come dressed appropriately

-Shirts tucked in

-Skirts/Skorts should be no more than 6″ above the knee

-Hats facing forward

-No cargo shorts or jeans

-DO NOT get dressed or put on your shoes in the parking lot of our courses

-DO Come warmed up and ready to tee off. We do NOT have access to the range at most of our courses.

-Parents/Galleries ARE NOT PERMITTED on the course or Club grounds. Parents please wait in your cars in the parking lots.

– Range finders ARE permitted (Non-GPS ONLY)

-Do NOT arrive more than 30 minutes before our scheduled tee time, unless otherwise noted. DO wait in the parking lot for either Coach Drake or Coach Chess to arrive. IF YOU ARE ON THE COURSE, CLUB GROUNDS, OR PUTTING GREEN BEFORE A COACH ARRIVES YOU WILL BE CUT FROM THE TEAM ON THE SPOT.

-You may not leave school early to warm up or practice before a tryout.

-SDUHSD policy states that students may only be driven by themselves or their parents. Students may NOT drive other students to or from matches or practice.

-The team van may be available to drive players to tryout, but be prepared to get yourself to these rounds. Early releases will be provided on the tryout days.

Tryout Procedures:

Range Tryout: All student-athletes who were not part of the team last year are required to participate in the driving range tryout.  Golfers will be evaluated on over-all swing, consistency, accuracy with a variety of clubs and distances, chipping, and putting.  Cuts will be made following the range tryout.


On-Course Tryout: Up to 12 total golfers will be invited to play in a 2-day (27 hole total) on course tryout. This tryout will take place at courses that will be announced on Monday, August 14, 2017.   All tee times will be at approximately 3:00PM for 9-hole rounds. Golfers do NOT get to choose their try out dates, times or groups, and failure to show up for your assigned tee time will result in an automatic cut from the program.  Cuts will be made after the range tryout and following on-course tryouts.


Galleries are NOT permitted at the on-course tryouts. Parents, guardians, siblings are not to go be on the grounds of the Clubs where the tryouts are taking place other than to drop off or pick up their golfer.

More information related to tryouts can be found on the team blog (( or the TPHS Golf Facebook page (Search TPHS Golf on Facebook).

Please Contact Coach Drake @ if you have any questions